Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Enterprise Software

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Enterprise Software

Today, we're joined by not one but four guests building and funding artificial intelligence companies.

Scott Sage is a Partner at Crane, a Venture Capital fund focused on complex enterprise software, much of which incorporates AI. Abhirukt Sapru is the Chief Revenue Officer of Tessian, an AI-powered email security company. Tim Pullan is the Founder and CEO of ThoughtRiver, a legal tech company offloading contract work to artificial intelligence, and Ed Challis is the CEO and Co-Founder of re:infer, a company leveraging artificial intelligence to extract sentiment and insights from vast quantities of corporate information, including email.

I was clearly out of my depth in a room full of PhDs and advanced computer scientists, but wow, what a fascinating topic.

We cover everything from funding and growing enterprise software businesses to where is society artificial intelligence is likely to have the greatest impact.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Scott Sage, Abhirukt Sapru, Tim Pullan and Ed Challis.