Data Ethics in a Changing World

Data Ethics in a Changing World

Today, we're joined by four entrepreneurs working with data to change the world.

Julian Ranger is the Chairman of, a platform that allows users to take back ownership of their data currently spread around the web and use it to their own benefit.

Aneesh Verna is the Founder and CEO of Aire, a new breed of credit bureau improving access to credit.

Charles Bradley and Hannah Leach are from Adapt, an advisory firm helping companies build strategies and governance around data.

What more topical subject right now than data, with GDPR still brand new and the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica saga still fresh in mind.

We talk about how people and companies should think about data, what's still missing from the data equation, the ethics of data and its capture, retention and processing, the tension between commercial and privacy concerns and much more.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Aneesh Verna, Charles Bradley, Hannah Leach and Julian Ranger.