Do People Outside Fintech Care About Fintech?

Do People Outside Fintech Care About Fintech?

Should people outside fintech care about fintech? Today, we're joined by Brad Goodall, serial entrepreneur and founder of Banked, to discuss.

Open Banking is hands down one of the most relevant themes in 2018, with legislation taking effect in Europe and the UK and being replicated and expanded in countries like Australia.

But so far, we've seen anything but tangible impacts from Open Banking, including products, services and new customer experiences.


To start with, banks dragged their feet in terms of implementation, and startups have been unable to deliver cross-platform experiences they imagined.

We've also taken a narrow view of what Open Banking means and how it will be leveraged.

This is where Brad comes in. Brad brings a richer perspective to Open Banking and sees it as an opportunity for much of banking to shift away from traditional financial services providers and over to consumer brands more relevant to customers.

In this conversation, Brad helps us think about how much fintech actually matters to people outside fintech - and whether the industry is getting excited about the right things.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Brad Goodall.