Episode 22: Fintech & Venture Capital

Episode 22: Fintech & Venture Capital

Today's episode is a fascinating look at fintech from the venture capitalist's perspective. Pascal Bouvier (@pascalbouvier) is a full-time venture capital investor, fintech practitioner and prolific blogger.

Before becoming a full-time venture capitalist, Pascal founded and ran startups, worked for commercial and investment banks, and has been at one time or another a CFO, COO, CIO… the list goes on.

Pascal is currently Venture Partner with Santander InnoVentures. Prior to joining InnoVentures, he built the fintech venture arm of Route 66 Ventures into a top global fintech investor.

To anyone hoping to get into venture capital: check our Pascal’s bio for what high energy, proactivity and variety of experience looks like.

You can follow Pascal's thoughts on Twitter, LinkedIn and on his must-read fintech blog, finiculture.com.