Financing Media and Entertainment with Purely Capital

Financing Media and Entertainment with Purely Capital

Today, Rebank co-host Aman Ghei of Finch Capital connects with Wayne Marc Godfrey, founder and CEO of Purely Capital, an entertainment finance platform.

Wayne is a prolific film producer and financier, having raised over $300 million and produced over 125 films with over $1 billion in production spend. He recently closed a $150 million facility for Purely Capital from a leading institutional lender.

Media and entertainment is one of the biggest industries in the world, grossing over $700 billion annually. Underpinning all those receipts is a web of financing and distribution deals with networks and streaming operators.

Aman and Wayne discuss the media financing value chain and why now is the right time to build a finance technology business in this space. They also explore how traditional funders are reacting to changes in production and consumption habits, and more.

This is a fascinating conversation about how financial services are interpreted and reinterpreted in other industries, and how rapid technological change in other sectors, in this case media, is impacting innovation in financial services.

In addition to the audio version of this podcast, today's conversation is also available on video on our YouTube channel, thanks to LaunchPod studios.

Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome Wayne Marc Godfrey.