Is the Tech Startup Mindset Helping Us or Hurting Us?

Is the Tech Startup Mindset Helping Us or Hurting Us?

Nicolas Colin is co-founder of The Family, a European tech incubator with a different approach than most.

Their mission is the educate, support and connect entrepreneurs in ways that build great global companies.

The Family describes itself a platform that unites entrepreneurs across Europe in Paris, London and Berlin, with a mission to build a startup continent that is diverse, dynamic and open. Their goals is doable, but not easy, which makes them similar to the early stage companies they work with. Europe has traditionally been and remains less conducive to successful tech startups than other parts of the world, be it due to political priorities, tax systems, employment laws, capital availability or a number of other factors.

Nicolas is a thinker, advocate and reformer. He is one of the most thoughtful and prolific writers I've interacted with, publishing a weekly newsletter and regular articles in the mainstream press, Forbes and on Medium. He's also the author of Hedge: A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age, a book on the inadequacy of traditional social safely nets for the modern age and ideas for how to reengineer them.

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