Is There a Role for Humans in Finance?

Is There a Role for Humans in Finance?

In today's conversation, we debate the role of humans in finance.

Leslie Campisi is the Chief Marketing Officer of Anthemis, one of the leading fintech venture capital firms.

It's a multi-faceted question with implications for the industry and its employees, the startup and investor ecosystem, financial services customers and adjacent industries.

Leslie brings an interesting perspective to this discussion. In addition to her role as CMO, she also leads Hacking Finance, a creative commons run by Anthemis, initially as an annual retreat and now a platform that includes a website and magazine aimed at attracting new views to finance to drive positive change.

This is a fascinating question, and one we don't manage to fully answer. What's your view? Contribute to the conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn or on our website at

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Leslie Campisi.