M&A, IPOs and Competitive Dynamics in a Maturing Fintech Industry

M&A, IPOs and Competitive Dynamics in a Maturing Fintech Industry

The fintech industry has rapidly matured in recent years. Once a collection of aspirational early stage founders catering to tech early adopters, fintech companies are increasingly offering highly respected, professional grade solutions to mainstream consumers and businesses.

Challenger banks, online lenders, payments companies and API connectivity layers once competed for fringe customers in a handful of urban centers. Now, they’re pursuing global rollouts, pushing $10 billion valuations and piquing the interest of incumbent acquirers from FIS to Fiserv to Visa.

How far will private funding takefintech? Will a wave of IPOs follow? Will M&A entice leading startups before their valuations make takeovers uneconomical? What will happen when localfintech successes clash at the global level?

This special episode was recorded live at a Rebank event in London hosted by Shearman & Sterling, a global law firm with a specialist fintech practice. Visit fintech.shearman.com to find out more.

In this conversation, I’m joined by Noel Monro, Director at Rothschild & Co, an investment bank, Tim Levene, CEO of Augmentum Fintech, a venture capital firm, Ian Sutherland, CFO of Tide, a business banking service and Pawel Szaja, Capital Markets Partner at Shearman & Sterling.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Noel Monro, Tim Levene, Ian Sutherland and Pawel Szaja.