Millennials and Financial Services, Part 2

Millennials and Financial Services, Part 2

This is part two of a two-part episode. We published part one on August 21st as Rebank episode 99.

We recently participated in an event with PIMFA, the UK Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association, on the subject of Millennials and Financial Services, as part of a research project they're undertaking.

The research looks at how people in their 20s and early-30s think about life, work and the future, and how that influences their financial decisions.

We spoke with a range of guests at and around the event, ranging from incumbent investment managers to fintech startups to millennials themselves and stitched those conversations together into this two-part episode.

In part one, we heard from PIMFA's CEO, Liz Field, and Head of Research, Gary Sunderland, as well as Sally Allan of Wealthify and Ellie Duncan of the FT.

In part two of the episode, we sit down with Nina Mohanty of fintech marketplace platform Bud and Sophie Winwood, formerly of Innovate Finance and soon to be with Anthemis, for a deeper dive into the way Millennials think about life, work and money.

A huge thanks to PIMFA for coordinating the event and facilitating our involvement.

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Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Nina Mohanty and Sophie Winwood.