Will Your Next Bank Be a Tech Giant?

Will Your Next Bank Be a Tech Giant?

Alessandro Hatami is the former Group Innovation Director at Lloyds Banking Group and current Managing Partner at Forestreet.

Alessandro brings a grown up view to fintech. Working closely with incumbents on fintech strategy, he has great insight into the way larger players are positioning themselves in a changing FS landscape. Today, we get into what big tech players are likely to do with regards to banking, and what that means for banks.

I assure you the conversation itself is much more interesting than this intro, which with references to banks and banking sounds pretty dull. Maybe big tech will do away with banking as we know it and get rid of the term all together. We'll see.

This topic is so ripe for debate. Will financial services survive the arrival of social media giants? Let us know on Twitter @rebankpodcast.

Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Alessandro Hatami.