Europe's Most Valuable Fintech with Rishi Khosla

Europe's Most Valuable Fintech with Rishi Khosla

Rishi Khosla is co-founder and CEO of OakNorth, one of the world's best funded and fastest growing fintechs.

We've had OakNorth on the podcast a few times before. In the past, I've generally referred to OakNorth as a challenger bank, which they were, but the company has developed beyond that description.

From its savings & lending origins, OakNorth has evolved into a world-class technology platform with a banking license, recently backed by investors, including SoftBank, to the tune of $440m, the largest ever fintech investment in Europe.

Prior to starting OakNorth, Rishi and his business partner Joel Perlman founded and sold Copal Amba, an outsourced financial research company acquired by Moodys.

It's energizing talking to great entrepreneurs like Rishi. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you do too.

Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Rishi Khosla.